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Professional Conservation, Design & Realisation Studio
of historical interiors and lighting

Since 1972 KRENZART Studio:
- advices, designs and relizes classical lighting in historical interiors
- renovates and reconstructs according to conservation needs
- runs archives research
- completes conservation documentations
- makes copies of existing originals

33 years of working in one field means experience, knowledge and skills.
Every interior is different and demands special treatment.
Single elements of lighting systems can be preserved by copyrights as art works.
We are interior architects and artists with conservation rights.

Selected realisations >>>

LONGINA POTEREK - KRENZ, Interior Designer, MA dipl
JERZY KRENZ, Interior Designer, MA dipl
ANNA KRENZ, Architect, MA dipl

ul.Słowackiego 15
62-041 Puszczykowo
tel./fax. +48 - (61) -8133117
e-mail: krenzart@yahoo.com

Berlin Office:
Köpenicker Strasse 4
10997 Berlin
tel. +49 - (30) 74073309
e-mail: krenz@zero-project.org

Projects and objects are protected by copyrights