wersja polska

Professional Conservation, Design & Realisation Studio
of historical interiors and lighting


Selected Realisations:

Palaces and castles:

1. Palace in Rydzyna - SIMP Headquarters
2. Palace in Rakoniewice - RtiV
3. Palace in Uniejowo
4. Palace in Trzebine - Wojewódzki Ośrodek Archeologiczno-Konserwatorski
5. Palace in Kołobrzeg - City Council
6. Palace in Małkowo
7. Palace in Szczecin
8. Palace in Pułtusk - Dom Polonii
9. Palace in Zakrzewo - W.B.K. Office
10. Palace in Krokowa
11. Palace in Rzucewo
12. Palace in Dobrzyca
13. Palace in Sopot
14. Castle in Darłowo - Książąt Pomorskich
15. Castle in Kórnik - Museum
16. Castle in Poznań - Culture Centre

Public buildings:

1. Hotel „Polonia"
in Warsaw
2. Hotel „Metropol” in Warsaw
3. Old Townhall in Gdańsk
4. New Townhall in Gdańsk
5. Townhall in Sopot
6. Townhall in Koło
7. City Council in Szczecin
8. City Council in Poznań
9. Starostwo Powiatowe in Czarnkow
10. Library in Elbląg
11. Urząd Stanu Cywilnego „Waga” in Poznań


1. Cathedral in Gorzów
2. Cathedral in Poznań
3. Cathedral in Świdnica
4..........87 other churches in Poland

Also projects in Germany, France and Holland

Palace in Rydzyna - SIMP Headquarters

Palace in Krotoszyn

Bishop's Palace in Poznan

Townhall in Gdańsk

Townhall in Sopot

Church in Zary


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